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Is Your Business Dependent on Technology?

Dear Business Owner

Let’s face it. . .IT administrators cost a lot. According to Indeed, their base salary is $63,641 a year. Experienced ones can cost more, and even entry-level IT support will cost you at least $18 an hour.

We know how it is . . .and it can be a real disaster not to have real support, especially if you have dozens of computers and a handful of servers that need to be fully operational every day.

Can you imagine how great it would feel knowing that your system is cared for by pros?

Introducing . . . Managed IT Services (for home or office) . . . The best comprehensive coverage & service bringing you dependability, proactive maintenance, security and more . . . at an amazingly affordable price . . .

What makes TVIT different? We offer. . . Tiered-plans | Proactive maintenance | Ongoing Support | Guidance | Security | Disaster Planning | Staying Ahead of the Technical Curve | Excellent Residential and Commercial IT Services. . . and more. . .

Plans start at only $15. . . Hassle-Free Service with A 100% Guarantee Meet Treasure Valley IT, serving thousands of people in our community . . . since 2006. Your security is important to us. Your success is our success.

Are IT Services Right for Me? Yes, if you’re lacking resources and time for properly caring for your equipment and want to prevent problems before they happen.

If not now, when? Don’t wait for a computer crash, virus, or data loss incident to get started. Be proactive. Get covered today . . .

Still Not Convinced? Hear what one of our many customers have to say about us. . .

*****If you are looking for a company that truly focuses on meeting your needs, look no further!

-Group One Sotheby’s International Reality

Are you ready to be proactive and protect your IT network and valuable assets?

Contact us now to find out which of our 3 plans best meets your needs (refer to this letter and get 2 free hours of service).

208.965.8293 |


Rebecca Hoffman

Vice President

Scott Pepper

Account Manager

Is Your Business Dependent on Technology?: Text
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