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How to Choose a Job to Best Fit Your Lifestyle

"Work is about a search for daily meaning as well as daily bread, for recognition as well as short, for a sort of life rather than a Monday through Friday sort of dying." - Studs Terkel

Each person has their own relationship with work. For some, it is a means to an end; a person works just enough to support other hobbies, interests, and family relationships in their lives. At the other end of the scale are people for whom work forms their identity and reason for being. Ideally, lifestyle and work fit blissfully together. Yet in the real world, most of us fall somewhere in between. In all that has been studied about creating a meaningful life, no one at the end of life says that they wished that they had just spent more time at work.

Longevity and Wellness: Using Chinese Medicine for Peak Health and Happiness

“To cure disease is like waiting until one is thirsty before digging a well...’” ~Li Shizhen
It’s not hard to argue that preventing illness is easier than treating it. Classical Chinese Medicine is rooted in this idea, excelling in wellness and prevention of disease, not just treatment of it after it becomes symptomatic.

Remote Patient Monitoring: Receive Medical Care From the Comfort of Your Own Home

The pandemic made significant changes to the field of Telehealth, with more and more patients receiving care from the comfort of their own homes. Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) has eased the burden on hospitals, paving the way for health care providers to electronically monitor patients in real-time, outside of a clinical setting. It’s a win-win for providers, patients, and reduces the burden on the hospital systems.

How to Reconnect with Nature and Reclaim Your Feminine Aspect

Think back to the last time you had a blissful experience with nature. What were you doing? Being connected to nature is a reflection of our own wholeness. Realizing that we are nature and nature is us builds an understanding and relationship with our planet that is based on love, gratitude, and harmony. When we feel connected to the world and its living beings, we tend to interact with the world in the way we would tend to a loved one.

Is Your Business Dependent on Technology?

Dear Business Owner,

Let’s face it. . .IT administrators cost a lot.

According to Indeed, their base salary is $63,641 a year. Experienced ones can cost more, and even entry-level IT support will cost you at least $18 an hour.

We know how it is . . .and it can be a real disaster not to have real support, especially if you have dozens of computers and a handful of servers that need to be fully operational every day.

Can you imagine how great it would feel knowing that your system is cared for by pros?

Introducing . . . 

Bring the Antarctic to You

Tasmania: Australian Antarctic Festival

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live among the icebergs and penguins at -40ºc? Do you want to know what day-to-day life is like at the South Pole? Here’s your chance to meet the scientists, explorers, naturalists, business people, and support staff that make Antarctic exploration and tourism possible.

To find out more about my past or current work, contact me today.

(Much of my work has been covered by NDA, and I am unable to display it.) 

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